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Contents Science Bundle - Elementary Building a Database
Grade: K-12
Required products: Tool Factory Database V2
When teaching students to create a database from scratch, open Tool Factory Database and select "Make a Database" from the opening menu. Type in the title and then press OK.

Building a database is a sequential 4 step process. Tool Factory Database has broken down these 4 steps into independent processes. If students ever get lost, simply go back to step 1 and continue forward.

Step 1 - Create Fields - Add new fields, and designate a type for each one.
Step 2 - Layout Fields - Make the database look great. Drag and resize fields. Add backgrounds, color, and captions. Change the properties of each field.
Step 3 - Enter Data - Type in text, grab pictures from the internet, insert photos, videos, and sounds.
Step 4 - Browse Records - Browse data, search for information, and build charts and graphs.

Once students understand this sequence, they will be building databases as early as second grade.

Mac users - Steps 1-4 icons are in the center of the toolbar.
Windows users - Icons are in the upper left.
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