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Contents Tool Factory Workshop Deluxe Frequently Asked Questions
Grade: K-12
Required products: Tool Factory Database V3
1. Can one student change the data entered by another?

As the data is shared, it can be changed and even deleted by anyone. See the tutorial on Teacher Options for more information on how to prevent the deletion of records.

2. How does Tool Factory Database store the data?

When you start Tool Factory Database and create a database a file is created to hold the data. This file has the file extension of '.mud'. So, if you created a database called 'MyData' the file would be called 'MyData.mud'. This file is completely separate from the Tool Factory File. So, you could save the Tool Factory file and name it 'MyToolFactoryFile'. This file has the file extension of '.tf' so the file is called 'MyToolFactoryFile.tf'. However, you do not need to save the Tool Factory file unless you wish to save the layout of the fields or any text or pictures you have added to the page. When exiting Tool Factory you can discard the file. Although this file is now gone, your actual data has been saved automatically and remains in the 'MyData.mud' file.

3. Can I move a data file?

Yes, but remember that any Tool Factory files that were connected to the data file will no longer be able to find the data file. If this happens the Tool Factory file will show a dialog that will enable you to relocate the data file, as long as you save the Tool Factory file again the new location of the date file will be remembered.

If no Tool Factory files have been connected to the data file then you will not experience any problems.

4. I can't get the Pictogram to work, how do I do it?
To get the Pictogram to work you need to select a field that consists of a list of pictures.
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