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Contents Tool Factory Workshop - Spanish Upgrade Use List
Grade: K-12
Required products: Tool Factory Database V3
You can limit the possible data entries for a field by creating a list. This is a really great feature, and lucky for you this tutorial will teach you how to use it!

Create a List for Text, Number, Date and Currency Fields
Step 1 - Select the 'Use List' box in the New Field window. It will extend down to give you a larger menu.

Step 2 - Type in the first option above the word Add and then click the Add button.

Step 3 - To add a value that clears the field, click the Clear List Option box and enter a value such as None or Clear. When the user selects this value the contents of the field are deleted. This is helpful if the user intends to keep the field blank.

Step 4 - Repeat this until your desired list is complete and click the Display button.

Create a List for a Picture Field
Step 1 - Enter the Name of the new field and select Picture as the type.

Step 2 - Click the Use List check box.

Step 3 - Click the word Picture and the Resource Bank will open.

Step 4 - Click on an image in the Resource Bank to add it to the list. A thumbnail image will then be displayed within the Add Field window.

Step 5 - Repeat this process as desired and the click Display.

Note: Use must use a list of pictures to create a pictograpm chart.

The Use List option is very versatile and allows for a myriad of creative possibilities.
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