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Contents Tool Factory IT System Field Types
Grade: K-12
Required products: Tool Factory Database V3
This tutorial will explain the different type of fields that can be used when creating a record.

Text: Any type of data can be entered into this field type, except images.

Number: Only numbers, including those with minus signs or decimal points can be entered into this field.

Picture: Allows images to be entered.

Color: Automatically opens a color selection window for you to choose a color from.

Date: The date can be entered in the format DD/MM/YYYY.

Currency: Numbers entered in this field will automatically have a decimal point followed by two zeros added to the amount, unless already entered.

Boolean: This field offers only two options as answers. I.e. yes/no ... black/white.

Movie: Movies can be dragged into this field from the resource bank.

Sound: Sound files can be dragged into this field from the resource bank.

To access the Fields panel follow these few steps:
Step 1 - Click on the Field List button on the Database toolbar.

Step 2 - Click the New Field button in the Field List panel.

Step 3 - Click the Type drop down menu and select which field you would like to use.

You can use the different field types for countless data collection. Use them well!
Downloadable Worksheets
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