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Contents Tool Factory IT System Play the Tree Game
Grade: K-12
Required products: Tool Factory Decision Tree
It's time to indulge yourself in a game. By this I mean playing your Decision Tree of course!

Step 1 - Create a tree.

Step 2 - On the Decision Tree toolbar click the play tree button.

Step 3 - Answer the questions by clicking either the yes or no button. The path that you take will appear in pink, the other questions and answers on different paths will be grayed out.

Step 4 - At the end of the question trail you will be asked 'is it...?'. Clicking Yes will leave the tree showing you the path that you took. Clicking No will give you the option to add your object to the database.

Whew, playing with your Decision Tree can be quite entertaining. There are just so many paths that you can take!
Downloadable Worksheets
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