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Contents Tool Factory Workshop Chart Panel
Grade: K-12
Required products: Tool Factory Spreadsheet
Learning how to customize your charts and graphs is an important skill. This tutorial will teach you about the details of the Chart panel.

1. There are four different chart and graph types at the top of the panel. You can have a pie chart, bar chart, line graph, or scatter graph.

2. Next to 'Data Series are in' you can change the graph to pull the data by rows to columns or from columns to rows.

3. If the first row or column of your spreadsheet is a heading click the check boxes next to First Row is Heading and First Column is Heading to make the selected cells headings.

4. By clicking in the Grid check box a grid will appear on the back of the graph.

5. By clicking in the Percentage check box percentages will appear as the heading on the vertical axis of the graph or chart.

6. The frequency with which data occurs within a column can also be displayed. First create a graph or chart from a single column of data, then click in the check box next to the word Frequency.

Now you know how to use the Chart panel to its full extent. Get out there and create some spectacular graphs!
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