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Grade: K-12
Required products: Tool Factory Slide Show
When viewing a slide show you can choose to either view the slides sequentially or you can jump around to different slides by creating links. This tutorial will teach you how to create links between slides.

Step 1 - Select the text/image on the slide that you want to change into a link button.

Step 2 - On the Additional toolbar click the Link button and then click the tab that is labeled Hyperlink.

Step 3 - From the drop down menu next to the words Go to Slide select which slide you want the text or image to link to.

Now, when you click on the link you will be whizzed away from the current slide to the your newly linked slide!
Downloadable Worksheets
  • Print Instructions on Links Between Slides (DOC)
  • Print Instructions on Links Between Slides (PDF)
    Mac users: To download, ctrl-click on the worksheet and choose "save link to disk"
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