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Grade: K-12
Required products: Tool Factory Slide Show
To add columns of text to an individual slide you can add a text frame, select the column width and type away!

Step 1 - On the Menu bar click Other>Add Text Frame or hit F7 on the keyboard.

Step 2 - Your mouse pointer will now look like a crosshairs. Click where you would like to start the text frame, move your mouse to create it, and click again to end the text frame. A cursor will appear for you to begin typing in the text frame.

Step 3 - Double click the text frame to select it. You can now resize the text frame by left clicking, holding, and dragging the red or blue boxes that appear. The text frame can be rotated by moving the green box.

Step 4 - To edit the text within the text frame select the text frame by clicking on it and then click the Effects button on the General toolbar. From the Effects panel you can change many different text related effects.

Step 5 - To lock the text frame to the page select it and then on the Menu bar click Tools>Lock to Page.

TIP: To access locked items on the Menu bar go to Tools>Access Locked Items.
Downloadable Worksheets
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