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Contents Tool Factory IT System Make a Scale Drawing
Grade: K-12
Required products: Tool Factory Draw
By having students work to scale you can have them realistically reproduce many objects and scenes accurately.

Step 1 - On the Math Draw toolbar click the Grid Background button.

Step 2 - From here you can change how much each square represents in distance and how many squares you would like appear on the page.

TIP: The default scale is set to one square width being equal to ten millimeters.

TIP: The user can change the measurements from Metric to Imperial by clicking on TF Math Draw Menu and choosing TF Math Draw Options.

By letting your students change the unit of measurement from millimeters to kilometers you offer them endless realistic drawing possibilities. Within the Grid Background panel don't forget to click the Display Grid check box because without a grid, all your scale settings don't mean anything!
Downloadable Worksheets
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