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Contents Tool Factory Workshop Using the Protractor
Grade: K-12
Required products: Tool Factory Draw
The Protractor tool, along with the Angle Measuring tool, is another great way to teach your students about angles.

Step 1 - Use the Polygon tool on the Word Processor toolbar to draw a polygon.

Step 2 - Click the Protractor tool button on the Math Draw Toolbar to place a protractor on the screen.

Step 3 - Select the protractor by clicking on it.

Step 4 - Click, hold, and drag the protractor to the angle on the image you want to measure.

Step 5 - Click, hold, and drag the red boxes in the corner of the highlighted protractor to resize it to the correct size.

Step 6 - Click and move the green box in the middle of the protractor to rotate it.

Using this tool is a very visual and effective way to teach students how to read angles using a protractor. This is a skill that they can carry with them off of the computer when they are using real protractors vs. the Tool Factory virtual protractor.
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