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Contents Tool Factory IT System Angle Measuring Tool
Grade: K-12
Required products: Tool Factory Draw
The Angle Measuring Tool is a great way to teach students about angles. It lets you draw angles and then will display the degree measurement as you're drawing! You can also use the tool on pre-drawn graphics to display the angles that you have drawn.

Step 1 - Draw a graphic (Optional).

Step 2 - Click the Angle Measuring tool on the Tool Factory Math Draw Toolbar. Your mouse pointer will turn into a crosshairs.

Step 3 - Move the mouse to one arm of the angle that you would like to measure and click.

Step 4 - Move the mouse to the vertex of the angle and click again.

Step 5 - Move the mouse to another arm and click for a third time.

Step 6 - To resize the angle click, hold, and drag either the white button in the middle of the angle or the black buttons on the arms.

Step 7 - To reposition the angle select it and move your mouse over it until the pointer changes into a hand. Click, hold, and drag the angle to its new position.

A fun class project idea is to have students draw different shapes and try to guess the angles on the shapes that they have drawn. Then have the students measure the angles using the angle measuring tool to see how close their estimates were.

TIP: Any shape or angle that is selected will have an outline of a red dotted box around it. To resize the entire shape or angle click, hold, and drag the red boxes on the corner. To rotate it click, hold, and drag the green box in the middle.
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