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Contents Tool Factory Workshop Deluxe Special Fills
Grade: K-12
Required products: Tool Factory Draw
Tool Factory Math Draw contains creative Special Fills. These fills can be used to help keep your students captivated on a hot summer day when their minds are prone to wandering.

Step 1 - Add a graphic to the page and select it by double clicking it. Alternately you can click, hold, and drag your mouse over the graphic to select it.

Step 2 - Click the Special Fills button on the Math Draw Toolbar to open the Special Fills panel.

Step 3 - Choose which type of fill you would like by clicking on one the of circles next to the rectangles at the top of the Special Fills panel. You can choose between a fill of one color, a gradient fill (horizontal, vertical or radial) from one color to the next, or a texture fill. If texture fill is selected, a window of available textures will open. Select the desired texture from the resource bank by clicking once and watch as your graphic changes before your eyes!

Step 4 - Select your color or select "No Color". If a gradient fill is selected you can choose for the gradient to change between two colors or go from one color to "No Color". If you are not satisfied with the given color options you can click on the More Colors button for more options.

Step 5 - Move the slider at the bottom of the panel to adjust the transparency of the colors selected.

Fills are a great way to set objects apart. For younger students you could place squares and rectangles on the page and tell them to fill the squares in blue and the rectangles in red. This feature can be used as an important tool for building early math skills and color distinctions.
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