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Contents Tool Factory Draw Grids
Grade: K-12
Required products: Tool Factory Draw
Grids are an essential tool when trying to precisely draw objects.

Step 1 - On the Math Draw toolbar click the Grid button to open up the Grid panel.

The Grid Panel has three different sections within it, and each of these sections has its own options.

Grid - The Grid section allows you to alter the square width, the amount of squares per page, and you can make the grid an isometric grid rather than standard squares.

Display Grid - by checking this option the grid will display on the page. The options under this section allow you to make the grid appear with dotted lines and/or have it appear on top of your drawings. You can also change the line color and whether or not the grid will be displayed up when you print the document.

Scale Drawing - This section allows you to adjust the scale drawing options. You can determine how much each square will represent in distance.

After reading this tutorial grid customization is only a few clicks away!
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