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Contents Tool Factory Workshop - Spanish Upgrade Charting and Graphing a Field
Grade: K-12
Required products: Tool Factory Database V2
Creating charts and graphs only requires a few mouse clicks.

*TIP* Some fields can’t be charted. For example, a picture field doesn’t have any measurable data to place on a chart.

Make sure the BROWSE RECORDS button is pressed.
1) Click the GRAPH DATA icon in the upper right corner of the toolbar.
2) Select the field to graph from the list. Notice there is an option to graph all records, or just the search results.
3) Click GRAPH button. Explore the different types of charts and graphs.
4) Click “X” to close chart.
5) Click the BROWSE RECORDS button to return to card view.

Notice when the chart appears, there are icons to select bar chart, pie chart, scatter graph, or line graph. These icons are located in the top toolbar. The scatter plot and line chart will only work if the student selected “Graph One Field Against Another” in step 2.

*TIP* Use the menus to select OPTIONS>DATA SERIES IN COLUMNS. This will reverse the way the axis are charted on a bar chart. With a pie chart, it combines or separates the data.
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