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Contents Tool Factory IT System Descriptions of Paint Effects Tools
Grade: K-12
Required products: Tool Factory Painter
This tutorial will go over a description of what each individual paint effect does. In relation to the Paint Effects options panel they will be listed left hand column, right hand column, and then the 1 remaining effect down on the bottom in the middle.

Blur - Blurs the object and makes it go out of focus.

Smudge - Similar to the Blur effect, makes it look like you are smudging the colors.

Darken - Darkens the shade of color that you use this on.

Colorize - Gradually adds the paint color currently selected to the area it is applied.

Sharpen - Adds definition to a photograph.

Diffuse - Scatters the colors within the selected area of the photograph.

Lighten - Lightens the shade of color that you use this on.

Red Eye Removal - Removes the Red Eye effect from photographs.

Clone - Copy an area of a picture and simultaneously reproduce it elsewhere. Cloning has a few steps to explain.
Step 1 - Open the Paint Effects panel and select the Clone tool.

Step 2 - Click on the photograph where you want to copy from and a circle will be put where you clicked.

Step 3 - Click again where you want the image to be copied to.

Step 4 - Click repeatedly to select small areas. Or, click, hold, and drag your mouse slowly over the painting or photograph. Everything the first circle moves over will be copied from the first circle to the second circle.

Knowing how to use these effects well will make you a painting prodigy!
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