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Contents Tool Factory Workshop - Spanish Upgrade Region Selection Tool
Grade: K-12
Required products: Tool Factory Painter
Imagine you have just finished painting a very detailed person in Tool Factory Painter and decided that you wanted to edit the person's shirt. Now you're worried that you might accidentally slip and paint a part of him other than the shirt. With the region selection tool you can outline the person's shirt, drag it away from the rest of the painting, edit it, and then drag it back!

Step 1 - On the Tool Factory Painter Toolbar click on the Region button to open the Select Region panel.

Step 2 - Click on one of the four Region Selection buttons.

Rectangular or Lasso Selection Tool
Step 1 - Left click, hold, and drag out a selection box.

Irregular Selection Tool
Step 1 - Left click, hold, and drag your mouse to create the first side of the shape. Click to form a corner. Continue dragging out sides and clicking to form corners until your desired region is selected.

Step 2 - Press Enter on your keyboard to end.

Magic Selection
Step 1 - Click on the area you want to be selected. A red selection box will automatically surround the selected area.

Step 2 - Under want settings you can change how large the selected portion is by choosing either Weak, Medium, or Strong

The Region Selection tool is a great tool to use to edit portions of a larger painting production.
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