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Contents Tool Factory IT System Grid
Grade: K-12
Required products: Tool Factory Painter
If you want to be exact when painting you might be interested in the Grid function of Tool Factory Word Processor. You can add a grid to the page if you want to try and draw things in proportion.

Step 1 - On the Tool Factory Painter Toolbar click the Grid button to bring up the Grid panel.

Step 2 - Select the size of the grid that you want by clicking either small, medium, or large on the Grid panel.

Step 3 - You change make the grid either solid or isometric by clicking the check boxes next to those options in the Grid panel.

Step 4 - To remove the grid from the page just click whichever grid button you initially clicked.

Adding a grid is the most efficient way to make a painting more accurate and is very helpful for younger students. Make it a challenge for them to color inside the grid boxes!
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