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Contents Tool Factory Painter Create Your Own Stamp
Grade: K-12
Required products: Tool Factory Painter
A fun feature included in Tool Factory Painter is the ability to create your own stamps. These stamps are created from clip art that is stored within the Resource Bank. The amount of options presented to you in clip art leaves you with endless creative possibilities!

Step 1 - Close the Paint toolbar.

Step 2 - Click on the Resource Bank button on the General Toolbar to open the Resource Bank.

Step 3 - Drag a piece of clip art from the Resource Bank onto the page.

The Resource Bank offers you with countless images that you can turn to stamps and inject into your Painter creation!

Step 4 - Reduce the size of the object so that it is slightly smaller than the size you want to stamp to be.

Step 5 - Select the object and cut it from the page by clicking on the Cut button in the General Toolbar.

Step 6 - Open the Paint Toolbar.

Step 7 - Open up the Stamps Panel by clicking on the Stamps button in the Painter Toolbar.

Step 8 - Click on the Make Stamp from the Clipboard button in the stamps window. This button is to the right of the Rotate Stamp 90 Degrees button.

Step 9 - Use this new stamp the same way you would use pre-drawn ones.

The amount of images in the Resource Bank gives you an immense amount of possibilities for stamp making. A good project for students would be to have them make a painting and then convert clip art to stamps to augment there work of art.
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