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Contents Art Bundle Selecting an Eraser and Erasing a Single Color
Grade: K-12
Required products: Tool Factory Painter
Uh-oh, you made a painting mistake and are worried that your entire project is ruined! Don't worry, Tool Factory Painter has an eraser function that can be used to fix any slip ups that may occur when you are making your masterpiece.

Selecting an Eraser
Step 1 - Click on the Erasers button in the Tool Factory Painter Toolbar.

Step 2 - Select the type of eraser you want. You can choose either circle, square, or real.

Step 3 - Left click, hold, and drag the mouse over the portion of paint you wish to erase. If you choose the 'Real' option for eraser type erasing is slightly different. This eraser option acts like pencil eraser so you have to move your mouse backwards and forwards to achieve full erasing effect.

Erasing a Single Color
Step 1 - Under the Real Eraser option click the check box that says Just One Color.

Step 2 - From the Select Paint Color panel choose which color to erase.

Step 3 - Click, hold, and drag where you want to erase. It's that simple!

TIP: You can't use the erase one color option if you select the Real Eraser.
Downloadable Worksheets
  • Selecting an Eraser and Erasing a Single Color (PDF)
  • Selecting an Eraser and Erasing a Single Color (PDF)
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