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Contents ESL Bundle Internet Tab
Grade: K-12
Required products: Tool Factory Workshop
One of the great features of the Resource Bank is its ability to retrieve images from sources outside of itself. For example, the Internet tab of the Resource Bank lets you search the Internet for images to use in lessons.

Step 1 - On the Menu bar go to Tools>Options to open the Options panel. Click on the Bank tab.

Step 2 - In the Bank tab, look at the bottom for a section that says 'Enable Tabs'. If the Internet check box isn't filled, click on it to activate the tab in the Resource Bank.

Step 3 - Open the Resource Bank by clicking on the Resource Bank button on the General toolbar.

Step 4 - In the Resource Bank, click on the Internet tab.

Step 5 - Browse the internet from within the resource bank using the address bar provided. (The Resource Bank can be extended to view more of the web pages.) Find an image you would like to incorporate into your project and save it to a specific location you will remember either on your local computer or school network. (This can be done by Right clicking on the image and selecting "Save Picture As...".) Then click over to the 'My Bank' tab to find where the image was saved and click and drag it into your project!

*TIP: Some images can be added to the page simply by clicking and dragging from the website in the Internet tab directly to the page.*

This is a great feature for finding that specific image that you are looking for. Although the Resource Bank includes a tremendous amount of images, there is always the small chance it won't have the one you're looking for. The Internet tab provides an ample solution to anyone stuck on this problem!
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