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Contents Tool Factory Word Processor V3 Saving and Networking
Grade: K-12
Required products: Tool Factory Word Processor V3
Individualized options can be applied to one or more computers, enabling schools to set different defaults for different grade levels and classes.

By default, the options are saved to the local computer. However, changes to the options can be applied to a number of computers on the same network by saving the changes to a mapped drive, then directing the other computers to the same folder.

Changing Default Options on Networked Computers

Step 1 - On the Menu bar click Tools>Choose Options and Templates Folder.

Step 2 - Select a folder to save the changes into and click OK. (If you want more than one computer to use the same folder you must choose one on a mapped drive).

Step 3 - Go to each computer on the network you wish to apply these options to and click on Tools (on the Menu bar) and then on Choose Options and Templates Folder. Now select the folder that the changes were saved to and click OK.

Saving Options for Different Classes

Step 1 - On the Menu bar click Tools>Options.

Step 2 - Click in the drop down box, which says default, and type in a new name.

Step 3 - Change the options as desired.

Step 4 - Click on Save.

Locking the Administrator Settings

Step 1 - Enter a valid key in the Lock Configuration Options section of the General Tab.

Step 2 - Select Administration, Resource Bank, or both, then Click OK. (You will also need the key to unlock these settings).

Tip: Make sure you write your new settings down, or you won’t be able to get back into the options later!
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