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Contents Tool Factory IT System Making Links: Hide/Show an Object
Grade: K-12
Required products: Tool Factory Word Processor V3
A link can be added to an object so that it is hidden or shown when the mouse pointer is moving over it or when it is clicked on.

Step 1 - Select the object to add the hide/show link to.

Step 2 - Click the Links button to open the Links window then select the Hide/Show tab.

Step 3 - Click either Hide When Over, Show When Over, or Hide/Show on Click.

Step 4 - To activate the link click on the page and then click on the object.

This feature lends itself to some interesting lesson ideas. You could put some words in a Word Bank that describe an image. Then set the image to Show When Over and have you students try and guess what it is based upon the words. Once they have taken enough guesses roll your mouse over and reveal the answer!
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