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Contents Tool Factory IT System Making Links: Create an Animated Page
Grade: K-12
Required products: Tool Factory Word Processor V3
What's that moving along the page? That's animation! Tool Factory Word Processor also contains the ability to animate certain things.

Step 1 - Place an object (image or text) on the page, then draw the line you want the object to follow over.

Step 2 - Select the object to animate, and then select the line it is to follow. (Select the first object as normal, and then hold down the CTRL button on your keyboard as you click on the second object.)

Step 3 - Select the Links button (on the Additional Toolbar) to open the Links window and select Animate.

Step 4 - Click the box to the left of the words Follow Over.

Step 5 - Click in the Seconds box to change the time it takes the object to follow the graphic.

Step 6 - Click on the page to remove the red selection boxes. To stop the animation, click on the object itself.

Step 7 - To hide the line or shape outline the object is following, change the color of the line to None.

Animation is as simple as adding text! Let your creative influx of ideas flow through your recently acquired animating ability.
Downloadable Worksheets
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