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Contents Tool Factory Workshop - Spanish Upgrade Record a Sound
Grade: K-12
Required products: Tool Factory Word Processor V3
Recording sounds to add to a presentation is a good way to add a personal touch and spice things up (You need a microphone to connect to your computer in order to use this feature).

Step 1 - On the Menu bar click Tools>Record a Sound and the Sound window will open. The Record button is also located in the Additional Toolbar.

Step 2 - Click the Record button to start recording. Talk, sing, or do whatever you wish to be recorded.

Step 3 - Click the Stop button to finish recording.

Step 4 - Click the Play button to listen to what you just recorded. If you are not satisfied with what you recorded just click Record again and a new recording will be created.

Besides being a great way to add a personal touch to a presentation, since recording requires a microphone this feature can be used to introduce children to different technology at a young age.
Downloadable Worksheets
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