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Contents Tool Factory IT System Create a Word Bank
Grade: K-12
Required products: Tool Factory Word Processor V3
The Word Bank is a unique feature of Tool Factory Word Processor. It lets teachers and students store groups of words in a specific bank, and from that bank they can drag the words onto the page for use in projects.

Step 1 - On the Menu bar click Other>Create Word Bank.

Step 2 - The Word Bank box functions just like a normal Tool Factory Word Processor page. Add text and graphics as you please to create the Word Bank.

Step 3 - Save the Word Bank by clicking on File>Save. This file can now be opened at any time just like a normal document or the word bank can be found by clicking on the word bank tab of the resource bank.

An interesting lesson plan utilizing the Word Bank would be to place several pictures on a Word Processor page, then create a Word Bank describing the pictures. This is a good way for a teacher to test his or her students' observation skills.
Downloadable Worksheets
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  • Create a Word Bank (PDF)
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