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Contents Tool Factory Workshop Add Page Numbers
Grade: K-12
Required products: Tool Factory Word Processor V3
Page numbering is a handy tool that can greatly help both students and teachers. A good way to utilize page numbers is when printing a multiple page handout; if a student accidentally drops the handout and the pages get mixed up, all the student must do is look at the page numbers and he or she will be able to put them back in the correct order.

Step 1 - Left click on the page where you would like the page number to appear.

Step 2 - Click Tools on the Menu bar and then click Insert Page number from the options you are presented. Alternately, you can press CTRL+P to achieve the same result.

Step 3 - Now, select the page number, and as explained in the previous tutorial, make it into a header or footer so that it will apply to any page you write on.

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  • Add Page Numbers (PDF)
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