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Contents Tool Factory Word Processor V3 Graphics Effects
Grade: K-12
Required products: Tool Factory Word Processor V3
It is time to learn a more advanced function of Tool Factory Word Processor: how to add Graphics Effects.

Step 1 - Place a graphic onto the page and select it.

Step 2 - Click the Effects button on the General Toolbar to open the Graphics Effects panel.

Step 3 - Click the Shadow or Frame tick boxes to add a shadow or frame to your graphic.

Step 4 - The Graphics Effect panel presents you with four different tabs. In the style tab, you can select the type of line that surrounds your graphic and the thickness of that line.

Step 5 - The line color tab allows you to change the color of the line surrounding the graphic.

Step 6 - The fill color tab lets you fill in the color on the inside of the selected graphic.

Step 7 - The arrow tab lets you add arrowheads to your graphic, as well as letting you change the style that the arrowhead appears in.

You now know how to add effects to your graphics, how crazy is that? Maybe next you'll be adding graphics onto effects that are on graphics. Well, while you try to sort that sentence out in your head, you should keep reading these tutorials to increase your knowledge even more!
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