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Contents Tool Factory Word Processor V3 Text Effects
Grade: K-12
Required products: Tool Factory Word Processor V3
Another way to make a presentation or lesson interesting is to have some fun with the Text Effects that Tool Factory Word Processor offers.

Step 1 - Highlight the text, or double click it, and click the Effects button in the General Toolbar, or highlight the text and go to Effects>Effects Window on the Menu Bar. This presents you with the Text Effects panel.

Step 2 - To change the style of the font, click the drop down arrow next to the current font selection and choose the style you wish.

Step 3 - To change the height, left click the little drop down arrow next to font size and choose one of the preset heights.

Step 4 - To change the color, click on the Color tab of the Text Effects panel and then select a color. If none of the preset colors satisfy you, click the More Colors option in the bottom right hand corner to get more specific options.

Step 5 - To make the text Bold, Underlined, or Italicized, click the corresponding B, U, and I buttons in the Typeface tab of the Text Effects panel. The B,U, and I buttons on the Tool Factory Word Processor Toolbar can also be used instead of going into the Text Effects panel.

Step 6 - To shadow or frame, the text either click the check boxes for those options on the top of the Text Effects panel or press 'ctrl o' or 'ctrl f', respectively.

Step 7 - You can also change the spacing of the page and text by going to the Spacing tab in the Text Effects panel.

Step 8 - To change the appearance of bullets, go to the Bullets tab and select which bullet type best suits your interests.

Step 9 - Although not necessarily a text option, if you click the Speech tab, you can adjust some speech features for when the text is read. On another note, if you wish to remove the text effects that you just applied, click the remove effects button in the top left hand corner of the Text Effects panel.

Wow, that's a lot of steps for editing text. Don't get discouraged; text effects are an important tool for anyone to learn. Learning these basic effects will have an invaluable effect on both students and teachers.
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