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Contents Tool Factory Word Processor V3 Advanced Speech Options
Grade: K-12
Required products: Tool Factory Word Processor V3
There are several advanced Speech options included in Tool Factory Word Processor. This tutorial will cover how to master those advanced options.

Step 1 - To open the Advanced Speech Options panel on the Menu bar click Tools>Options.

Step 2 - Click the Speech tab.

Advanced Speech Options Panel
Step 1 – You are now presented with several options about how and when your text will be spoken.
·Speak on Click – If you check this box your text will be
spoken when you click on it.
·Continuous – When you click the Speech button your text
will be continuously read until you click the button
·Speak as You Type – If you click an option under this list
then your text will be spoken as you type …
o Letters
o Sounds
o Part Words
o Words
o Sentences

Step 2 - On the right hand side of the Advanced Speech panel there is also a slider to adjust how fast and how loud the text is read.

Step 3 - On the bottom of the panel you can choose between two different voices to read the text.

Step 4 - Right above that option is a color option. This option allows you to set the color that the text changes to after it has been read.
Downloadable Worksheets
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