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Contents Tool Factory IT System Export Your Project into HTML, PowerPoint, Email, Painter…
Grade: K-12
Required products: Tool Factory Word Processor V2
Tool Factor Word Processor saves files in a PGS format by default. This file format can’t be opened with any other outside program, however it is possible to export your project in a number of different ways. From Tool Factory Word Processor, use the menus and try the following:

EDIT>COPY AS BITMAP – This is the easiest way to move a project into PowerPoint. Simply open PowerPoint and EDIT>PASTE. It’s also possible to paste a project into a paint program and dress it up.

FILE>EXPORT HTML, then browse to where you want the program to save the project. This will save your project as a web page. The web page will display pictures, text, page links, and the first frame of a video. However video and sound will not play from the internet. The computer is effectively taking a snapshot of your project and writing a short line of HTML code that will display the project in a browser. This is a great feature for posting a student showcase on the internet.

FILE>SEND JPG –Tool Factory Word Processor takes a snapshot of your project, saves it in JPG format (great for email), then it finds your “default email program” and attaches the JPG snapshot to an outgoing email message. Click the “Send” button from your normal email to send it out. It’s a great tool for sending photo-rich pen pal letters by email. This feature works on stand-alone computers which have email set up.

*TIP* Unfortunately this feature may not work with networked email systems. It depends on how the school’s network administrator configured the internal “default” email system. If this feature doesn’t work from school, consider moving the project over to a laptop and sending it from home.