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Contents Tool Factory Workshop Deluxe Setting a Picture as a Background
Grade: K-12
Required products: Tool Factory Word Processor V2
Using menus, it is possible to turn digital photos or drawings into a background for the entire project. Insert a photograph into your project and try.

1) Double-click a photo. It gets a red box around it.
2) Use the menus to select EFFECTS > SET AS BACKGROUND.
3) The picture stretches to cover every inch of the page.

Now it is possible to type right across the background. The program will completely ignore the background when this feature is activated. Notice, it is no longer possible to pick up the background image and move it.

To deactivate the background, use the menus to select EFFECTS > CLEAR BACKGROUND.

*TIP* This feature works with BMP and JPG formats. You may notice that some of the drawings from the bank won’t work because they are actually WMF format.
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