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Contents Tool Factory Workshop Deluxe Changing the Default Font
Grade: K-12
Required products: Tool Factory Word Processor V2
The default font is the font style which is automatically set by the program. In Tool Factory Word Processor, your default font is Comic Sans, 18 point. As students develop, they will likely develop a taste for a more mature default font style.

1) Click WP icon. Itís in the upper left corner above the menus (Mac Ė click the apple icon in the upper left).
2) Click CUSTOMIZE. The configuration window opens.
3) At the bottom of the configuration window, you can pick a new font style and font size.
4) Click OK.

Now every time you click the mouse down, the program will automatically type in the new default font. The computer will automatically load all the fonts which are installed on your computer, so if youíve downloaded some great teacher fonts, they will appear here.

Changing the default font is handy when making banners for your classroom. Set an extremely large default font to save from constantly changing font sizes. Itís also great for building school newspapers, where it's appropriate to use more serious font style such as Times New Roman.

*Tip* Use the magic wand EFFECTS icon for daily font changes on headings.
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