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Contents Tool Factory Workshop Deluxe Customizing for Automatic Sentence Reading
Grade: K-12
Required products: Tool Factory Word Processor V2
On the Windows platform, Tool Factory Word Processor can be set to automatically read every sentence as it is typed. This is a great feature to use when teaching sentence and paragraph construction.

In the top left corner, find the tiny little “WP” icon. It’s above the menus.
1) Click WP icon.
2) Click CUSTOMIZE. The configuration window opens.
3) Checkbox SENTENCE. It’s in the Speech area in the lower right of the configuration window.
4) Click OK.
5) Click on your page and start typing. Every sentence will automatically speak as you type.

Take notice of what triggers the computer’s voice. It’s punctuation! Students typically forget to punctuate when they first start constructing sentences and stories. Having this feature turned on, is the auditory equivalent of standing over the shoulder of every student in your class and telling them to punctuate at just the right moment. If the students don’t hear the sentence read back, they automatically know they’ve forgotten to use punctuation.

Try using “automatic sentence reading” with pairs of students for story writing. Let them co-author stories, and they will encourage each other to write and punctuate.

*Tip* If the computer voice isn't reading, then turn the volume up, or “Install speech” from the CD.
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