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Contents Tool Factory Workshop Deluxe Customizing for Automatic Word Reading
Grade: K-12
Required products: Tool Factory Word Processor V2
On the Windows platform Tool Factory Word Processor has a feature to automatically read every word as it is typed. This is helpful when doing word-to-picture association projects, and also when writing first sentences.

In the top left corner, find the tiny little “WP” icon. It’s above the menus.
1) Click WP icon.
2) Click CUSTOMIZE. The configuration window opens.
3) Checkbox WORD. It’s in the Speech area in the lower right of the configuration window.
4) Click OK.
5) Click on your page and start typing. Every word will automatically speak as you type.

Reinforcement - Take notice of which keystroke is actually triggering the computer’s voice. It’s the space bar! The computer won’t read the word until the student presses the space bar. The space bar is the most common keystroke for early writers to forget. It’s interesting to put pairs of students on each computer and turn on the “automatic word reading” feature. Sooner or later, the student who is typing will inevitably forget to press the space bar. The other student will notice immediately and shout out, “Hit the space bar…hit the space bar!” It’s great reinforcement.

ESL - This is a great feature for ESL students. When learning a second language students generally have better spoken recognition, than spelling skills. As an ESL student begins to write words on the computer, the computer’s voice will automatically speak them. If the word doesn’t sound how it is supposed to, students will know that they have misspelled the word, and self-correct any errors.

Motivation - Finally, if you have some students who seem to have little motivation for writing, bring them to the computer lab and turn on “automatic word reading”. We have seen students type record numbers of words in a single sitting with this feature turned on.

*Tip* If you don’t hear the computer voice, then you need to turn your volume up or “Install speech” from the CD.
Downloadable Worksheets
  • Printable step-by-step instructions.
  • Sample project shown above.
    Mac users: To download, ctrl-click on the worksheet and choose "save link to disk"
  • Storybook activity with templates.
  • Click images to enlarge