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Contents Tool Factory Workshop - Spanish Upgrade Inserting Your Own Videos
Grade: K-12
Required products: Tool Factory Word Processor V2
Many digital cameras also record short video clips. This is a fantastic feature to use with Tool Factory Workshop, because you can pull those video clips right into your projects!

After you transfer your images to the computer, you can easily get them. Remember they are NOT going to be in the bank. The bank contains clip art that shipped with Tool Factory Workshop. Since you shot the video yourself, it’s not going to be in the bank. There is a “Video” button on the toolbar.

1) In the upper left of the toolbar is a left and right arrow. Click, click, click...the right arrow until you see the “Video” icon (it looks just like the #3 bank button).
2) Click the "Video" icon.
3) Browse your drive and locate your video.
4) Click on the video name.
5) Click "Open". The video will typically appear in the upper left corner of your page.

*TIP* If you click the cursor onto the page before you insert a video, it will insert wherever the cursor was laid down. If you hi-light a picture (double-click, red box) before inserting a video, it will attach to the photograph. Then the selected image becomes a button which you can click to start the video playing.

Troubleshooting: There are many different video file formats, so you may have to change the format of the video in order to insert it. You might have to open your video in an editing program such as Adobe Premier and save it as MPG format to make it compatible with your project. Schools are reporting that by changing the format, they are able to use commercial video streaming files in their projects.
Downloadable Worksheets
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