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Contents Tool Factory Workshop Inserting Sounds From the Bank
Grade: K-12
Required products: Tool Factory Word Processor V2
Sounds can really spice up a project and there’s a great collection of sound effects in the bank to get you started.

Two-single-clicks on any item in the bank will bring it onto the page. Think of it as a slow-double-click. Here are the details:

1) Click on bank button #4.
2) Click the little plus + to the left of the topic (double clicking works too). The folder opens. You will see a list of sound names below the topic.
3) If necessary, you can browse the audio topics by using the bank’s scroll bar.
4) Click on any sound name in the list one time to select it.
5) Click a second time, and it will insert onto your page.

Once the sound is in your project, it automatically becomes a button. Click on it one time to hear the sound again.

*TIP* Most people think it’s a double-click to enter a sound, however if you double-click too fast, the computer doesn’t have enough time to recognize the sound, then put it on the page. So it ignores your second click and leaves the user thinking something didn’t work. Don’t despair, just click on the sound name one more time and it will appear in your project. So…when entering things from the bank use two-slow-single-clicks, and your sounds will come on every time.

If a picture is selected (picture has a red box around it) before you played the sound from the bank, then the sound attaches to the picture. The picture becomes a button and you can click on it to hear your sound play again.

If you want the sound to have a sound icon for a button, then first click your mouse in a white spot on the page. When you play your sound from the bank, a sound icon will appear right where the mouse was laid down on the page.

Best Practice: Sound icons are fairly large by default. They can take up a lot of space in your project, which might otherwise be used for meaningful information. Double-click your sound icon, and use the red handles in the corners to drag your sound icons smaller. You can put tiny sound icons in the corners of pictures, next to text, and scatter them around your project without taking up too much page space.

There is a “Search” feature at the bottom of the bank. Instead of browsing all those folders, you can conduct a search for a specific sound.
Downloadable Worksheets
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  • Printable step-by-step instructions
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