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Grade: K-2
Required products: Tool Factory Beep!
Word Robot is a great way to support word recognition and help kids build simple sentences. There is an additional feature with which you can add new words of your own with your own voice recorded to speak through the robot. Through this you can teach children to recognize specific words you want them to learn.

In order to add your own words you will have to get into the word sets. To access the word sets press Ctrl + r or apple + r on the Mac. Click ‘Change word set’.

When changing word sets, words currently in the grid will remain. In this way it is possible to combine words from different sets.

If you choose a custom word set you will be able to create your own words and sounds. Please refer to the Technical Information guide for advice on setting up your microphone. Press Ctrl + r or apple + r on a Mac. Click ‘Add new word’. Type your word and click the tick button (12 characters maximum).

Click the microphone to start recording, say your word and then click the microphone again to stop. When you stop the recording, your word will appear in the word bank below the robot.

Repeat the step above to add more words (up to 14 words).

You can also delete words from a custom set. Press Ctrl + r or apple + r on the Mac. Switch to the custom set you wish to delete words from, and click on a word to delete it.
Downloadable Worksheets
  • Word Robot Adding Words
    Mac users: To download, ctrl-click on the worksheet and choose "save link to disk"
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