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Contents Tool Factory IT System Inserting Videos From the Bank
Grade: K-12
Required products: Tool Factory Word Processor V2
Inserting any media item from the bank will work in the same way.

Two-single-clicks on any item in the bank will bring it onto the page. Think of it as a slow-double-click.

1) Click on bank button #3.
2) Click the little plus + to the left of the topic (double clicking works too). The folder opens. You will see a list of video names below the topic.
3) Click on any item in the list one time to select it.
4) Click a second time, and it will insert onto your page.

Notice there is no “Play”, “Stop” and “Rewind” controls. Once your video is in your project, it is automatically a button. Click on it one time to make it play again. The video will play all the way to the end and then automatically return to the first frame. Notice it looks just like a picture. This means you can print your project and it still looks nice!

*TIP* Video is a memory hog. So your computer will move a little slower when working with video. Most people think it’s a double-click to enter a video, however if you double-click too fast, the computer doesn’t have enough time to recognize the video, then put it on the page. So it ignores your second click and leaves the user thinking something didn’t work. Don’t despair, just click on the video name one more time and it will appear in your project. So…when entering things from the bank use two-slow-single-clicks, and your video will come on every time.

Did your video attach itself to a picture, play, then disappear? Here is what you did. If a picture is selected before you played it from the bank, then the video attaches to the picture. The picture a button that triggers the video. Click the picture once to play your video.

*TIP* Want to get the video off of the picture? There’s an “Undo” button in the toolbar! Sometimes it’s just easier to delete the picture and bring it in again.

If you want the video to play by itself, then first click your mouse in a white spot on the page, then play a video from the bank. The video will appear right where the mouse was laid down on the page.

There is a “Search” feature at the bottom of the bank. Instead of browsing all those folders, you can conduct a search for a specific video.
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