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Contents Tool Factory IT System Searching the Bank
Grade: K-12
Required products: Tool Factory Word Processor V2
There is a “Search” feature which will be valuable in finding just the right picture, video, or sound to complement your projects.

The “Search” feature is located at the bottom of the bank. Instead of browsing all those folders, you can conduct a search for a specific picture, video, or sound.
1) Type in your search term at the bottom of the bank.
2) Click the “Search” button at the bottom of the bank.
3) Your search results will appear in a category at the top of the bank.
4) Insert them just like you normally would.

*TIP* Clear your search results before conducting another search, otherwise they accumulate. Click the “Clear” button at the bottom of the bank.

Make sure you are in the right bank!

Bank button #1 is Words.
Bank button #2 is Pictures.
Bank button #3 is Video.
Bank button #4 is Sounds.

The search feature doesn’t work in the word bank (#1 bank button). If you think about it, searching for a word is really silly, because by the time you searched for a word, you could have just typed it into your project!
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