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Same or Different?NoneK
In this lesson, students will observe the physical attributes of a set of objects/characters and identify the object that is different from the others. This lesson can be conducted either whole-class or with a small group.

Memory Game of Shapes and SolidsNoneK-4
Students will locate or take pictures of shapes and solids like spheres, rectangles and pyramids and use the images to create a Memory Game.

Star StudentWritingK-8
Feature one student in each edition of the school newspaper. Include a photo of the student, and personal statistics such as grade, family info, hobbies, favorite subject, and quotes about him/her from friends.

Today's WeatherEarth and Space ScienceK-8
Students research the weather forecast and use Tool Factory Workshop to create a picture or diagram of the day's or week's weather forecast for the school newspaper.

Slide ShowK-12
Students create a slide show of photographs organized around a particular theme or event.

Creating Art with FrescoArtK-12
Students can create paintings to use in web pages, class presentations, and much more. Using simple art tools such as Airbrish and Smudge, students create a flower on a colorful backdrop, with gentle raindrops.

Creating Mountain Scenes With "Fill" Tools in FrescoArtK-12
Create stunning mountain scenes using Fresco. Draw outlines of mountains then fill them with bright colors. Use your artwork as backgrounds for slide shows or for story backdrops.

Frame a PhotographArtK-12
Open a photograph and use the Symmetry tool to draw a zany frame around the picture. Then use your image to make greeting cards or pen pal letters.

Cool Backgrounds with a Few Mouse ClicksArtK-12
Create stunning backdrops using nothing more than basic mouse skills. Use color blending and effects to create fantastic backgrounds for your slide shows or stories.

Making Banners Using a Regular PrinterArtK-12
Create a 4 foot banner for your classroom. Print it out on a conventional 8.5X11 printer, then tape the sheets together to make a huge banner.

Make Posters Using a Regular PrinterArtK-12
Create a poster for your classroom or school lobby. Print it out on a conventional 8.5X11 printer, then tape the sheets together to make a large poster. Have the students make posters and hold a poster contest.

Greeting Cards and Invitations on the ComputerWritingK-12
Fold a sheet of paper in quarters. Using a pencil, create a mock-up of your greeting card on the folded paper, then build it on the computer using clip art and fun fonts.

Angles - Right, Acute, and ObtuseArt2-4
Students will be able to identify different kinds of lines and angles.

Symmetry LessonArt3-4
Students will be able to use Tool Factory Painter to create a picture that is symmetrical.

The Funnies3-12
Students create interactive comic strips in MultiMedia Lab V.

Photo Contest / Photo Caption Writer3-12
Students design and create an interactive photography page for their school's newspapers. For each photograph, students write an appropriate and appealing caption.

Making a Path AnimationAnimation4-12
Animate a graphics by giving it a path around the screen. This can be used for a photo montage where pictures fly around the screen. It can also be used to give a character a motion path.

Make a Sprite Animation (Disney-Style)Animation4-12
Draw three frames of animation, assemble them into a sprite, and play your Disney-style cartoon.

Reviewing the ArtsResearching5-8
Students write reviews of films, concerts, museum exhibits, classmates' art, plays, and books. The writing process is followed using Tool Factory Word Processor. Students then rate events, shows, etc. with stars or any other consistent rating system in Tool Factory Spreadsheet.

Photo Feature-Caption WriterWriting5-12
Students take digital photos and/or photos with a traditional camera that are then scanned into their computer. Photos are entered into Tool Factory Word Processor. A caption is then added to describe the subject of the photograph. Photos may be arranged around a theme, time period, or contest.