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Creatures at the PondLife SciencesK-2
Students place animals where they are most likely to be found in and around a pond. Each creature is then matched with its label.

Today's WeatherEarth and Space ScienceK-8
Students research the weather forecast and use Tool Factory Workshop to create a picture or diagram of the day's or week's weather forecast for the school newspaper.

Weekly Weather TrackerDatabase BuildingK-8
Students track the daily temperature, cloud conditions, barometric pressure, wind speed, and precipitation. Create or use a database to track the daily information. Graph the results and make predictions of future weather conditions. Use a digital camera to log a visual record.

Classifying OrganismsLife Sciences3-8
Students search the media banks of Tool Factory Word Processor and the internet for pictures and words that can be categorized as producer, consumer, or decomposer.

Investigating the Four SeasonsEarth and Space Science4-7
Students will investigate the differences in the environment for each of the four seasons.

Chesapeake Bay OrganismsResearching5-6
Students will do research on the organism of their choice that lives in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. They are researching to find information about habitat, diet, environmental interactions, and reproduction, along with giving a description of the organism. The final product will be a completed information table and a construction paper model.