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Same or Different?NoneK
In this lesson, students will observe the physical attributes of a set of objects/characters and identify the object that is different from the others. This lesson can be conducted either whole-class or with a small group.

Picture This NumberCountingK-1
Students match numbers with pictures of objects representing each number.

Number the PicturesCountingK-2
In Tool Factory Word Processor, students count the number of pictures in a set and type in the right number in a box . In Tool Factory Spreadsheet, students type in the correct number in a cell (Tool Factory Spreadsheet).

Number LineCountingK-2
Students match numbered pictures from the top of a page to the correct place on a number line.

Make a DollarCountingK-2
Students drag pictures of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters into boxes in order to show different ways of adding change up to a dollar.

Counting ChangeCountingK-2
Students study coins and practice identifying their values and determining how many of each coin is required to make a dollar.

Memory Game of Shapes and SolidsNoneK-4
Students will locate or take pictures of shapes and solids like spheres, rectangles and pyramids and use the images to create a Memory Game.

Angles - Right, Acute, and ObtuseArt2-4
Students will be able to identify different kinds of lines and angles.

Locating Polygons in the EnvironmentArt2-4
Students will be able to identify different polygons in the surrounding environment.

Fractions on a Number LineFractions3
Students will be able to identify fractions with a denominator of 2 and 4 on a number line.

Symmetry LessonArt3-4
Students will be able to use Tool Factory Painter to create a picture that is symmetrical.

Reading Directions - Reading to Perform a TaskResearching3-4
Students will be able to read to perform a task.

Decimals - Overview of Decimal FormationCounting3-5
Students will be able to identify what a decimal is, and how to formulate decimals.

Finding the Area of ObjectsNone4-6
With this lesson, students will practice finding the area of rectangles and triangles. Also, they will find the missing dimension, when given the area and one of the dimensions. This lesson would be best to use after teaching the formulas for area and modeling how to use them.

School Sports Schedule and StatisticsDatabase Building5-12
The seasonal competition schedule of each sports team is gathered and entered into Tool Factory Database. Information includes: name of sport, date, location, competitor, competitor's statistics, home team statistics, photo of the teams or schools. High school students then practice exporting this data into a spreadsheet as comma separated values (.CSV format).

Restaurant MenuFractions6-8
Students create a menu for a mock restaurant in Tool Factory Spreadsheet. The spreadsheet calculates subtotal, tax, gratuity, and total charge.

Creating Fraction Cards for a Number Line
Counting by Halves and FourthsFractions3
Students will be able to count by halves and fourths.

Measurement Lesson
Find the AreaCountingK-3
Students will find the area of shapes by clicking and dragging squares over each shape.

Find the PerimeterCountingK-3
Students will find the perimeter of shapes by clicking and dragging lines to cover a shape's edge.

Estimating LengthCountingK-3
Students will look through pictures in the bank to find items that are about one inch in length and one foot in length.

Measurement Unit
Jellybean MeasureCountingK-2
Students will click and drag jellybeans to measure the length of objects.