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Creating Art with Fresco
Grade: K-12
Subject(s): Art, Painting
Required products: Fresco
  • Whole Class Fresco
    Students can create paintings to use in web pages, class presentations, and much more. Using simple art tools such as Airbrish and Smudge, students create a flower on a colorful backdrop, with gentle raindrops.
    1) Start Fresco and click on the pink paintbrush tool in the left toolbar.
    2) Select the Airbrush at medium size (up and down arrows changes size) and put several background colors on the page. Then click on the Effects icon (yellow lightbulb icon) and select the Finger Smudge tool. Hold the left mouse button down, and smudge all the colors together.
    3) Go to the toolbar, and select Area>Apply Effects>Ripple.
    4) Save your picture in case you want to re-use this background. You can add more effects to this backdrop later without losing anything.
    5) Now go to the symmetry icon (icon with yellow and green triangle) and click on Two Way.
    6) Go back to the pink paintbrush icon and create the head of the flower using the Airbrush.
    7) Click on the symmetry icon to remove the two way guide.
    8) Then go back to brushes and use the airbrush to create the stem. Save.
    9) Using the watercolor brush add more color above the flower to add depth. Then again, smudge them together. Save.
    10) In brushes, you will find stamps in the lower right corner. Scroll down until you find the cloud, click on it and adjust the size to fit the picture. Click on it as many times as needed to add clouds. Save.
    11) Again in brushes scroll down and find the water droplet. Click raindrops onto the page several times. Save
    Follow-up Activities
    Have each student create a picture and post a bulletin board display. Have an art contest and post the winners on the internet.
    Cross-Curriculum Ideas
    Use Fresco to paint a picture, then write a story about it in English class. Pictures can also be printed and made into books or collages.
    Printable Worksheets
    Mac users: To download, ctrl-click on the worksheet and choose "save link to disk"
  • Sample picture