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Building a Student Portfolio
Grade: 6-12
Required products: MultiMedia Lab V
  • Multimedia Lab V
    Students use Multimedia Lab V to assemble an electronic portfolio of their schoolwork, which can optionally be uploaded to the Internet.
    First, students and teachers should plan the content and structure of the portfolios. Here are some ideas:

    Personal Pages

    About Me - Give your personal history.
    Goals - What do you want to accomplish?
    Accomplishments - Show your key accomplishments.

    Portfolio Structures

    An interactive portfolio will have a main menu. Here are various ways your student portfolio can be organized.
    Grade Level - Create one sub-section to show projects built at each grade level. The student may have one area for each grade level.
    Interest - Break up your portfolio by key areas of interest such as work, sports, after-school activities, and hobbies.
    Subject - Each subject area can have links to class projects. For example: The "Science" section may have sample lab reports with pictures of experiments. "English" may have writing samples. "Art" may have scanned images of paintings or pictures of sculptures.
    Project Links - Since a portfolio is essentially a collection of projects, it may be appropriate to make each menu item a key project or website.
    Skill Areas - You may want to create one area for each type of project such as "Word Processing" where you will post your writing samples, "Spreadsheets" where you link all your spreadsheet samples.

    Content Ideas

    Here are some random ideas you may want to use in building a portfolio.
    Conduct Surveys - Collect information from your visitors, and have them email it to you.
    Create Animation - Show your creativity using various sprite and path animation.
    Link Lists - Add in lists of links to your favorite websites, art collections, writing samples, drawings, photographs, and class projects.
    Digital Photographs - Spend a day shooting a virtual biography of your life and post it on the internet.

    Once you've decided on content and structure, build your portfolio in Multimedia Lab V and, if you wish, upload it to the Internet using our lesson plan, "Posting Your Multimedia Project to the Internet".
  • Example portfolio