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Adding External Documents to Your Student Portfolio
Grade: 6-12
Subject(s): Researching
Required products: MultiMedia Lab V
  • Multimedia Lab V
    Students learn how to link Word Documents, Adobe Accrobat files, and Excel spreadsheets into their multimedia projects using Multimedia Lab V.
    Here some benefits of implementing a student portfolio program in your school.
    Public Outreach - Student portfolios can be posted on the web and serve to foster communication between parents, teachers, and students.
    Accountability - A student portfolio is an ongoing account of the work and skills that each student is developing in school. When it's posted on the internet, it shows accountability to technology standards, as well as skill development.
    Job Skills - The process of developing a student portfolio helps students develop marketable job skills.
    Resume Builder - A student portfolio is effectively a live resume. Students will graduate with a well-crafted online portfolio which they can use to help find a job after graduation.

    To build a student portfolio, you will want to assemble various types of documents.

    1. Create a button.
    2. Click once on the object to display the frame around it.
    3. Click on the lightning bolt in the lower right corner.
    4. Select "Hyperlink on Click".
    5. Either enter the filename of your external document or "browse" for it.
    6. Now, when you run the project and click on the object, your external document will be linked.
    7. Repeat with a different document, spreadsheet, or PDF file.
    Follow-up Activities
    Students can create an electronic portfolio of work they've created in various programs.