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Storytelling with Podcasting
Grade: 1-6
Subject(s): Writing
Required products: Tool Factory Podcasting
  • Microphone
    Have your students write their own narrative stories. Then have them create a podcast narrating the story and bringing it to life!
    Step 1 - Using the storybook plot planner worksheet have students plan their story.
    Step 2 - Using the storybook character worksheet have your students beging to develop character identities.
    Step 3 - Using the storybook setting worksheet have your students describe the story's setting.
    Step 4 - Have your students being to develop dialog between characters using the storybook dialog worksheet.
    Step 5 - Have students compile their story into a word document.
    Step 6 - Open Tool Factory Podcasting software, add podcast name, (for example: Mrs. Sweeney's 3rd Grade Stories). Each student's story can become a new episode in the podcast. Write a brief description of each story.
    Step 7 - Organize the content of each story episode into chapters. Use the podcasting chapter planner worksheet to plan.
    Step 8 - Copy and paste the student's text into the script area and have your student assign the narration to each actor.
    Step 9 - Record your students story and edit the sound files. Insert music and sound effects.
    Step 10 - Publish the sound file as a podcast, or export it as an MP3. Email it to share!
    Follow-up Activities
    Send an email home to parents with instructions on how to subscribe to the podcast's episodes. The parents can then hear all the podcasts from each student in the class.
    Downloadable Worksheets
    Mac users: To download, ctrl-click on the worksheet and choose "save link to disk"
  • Storybook Plot Planner JPG
  • Storybook Plot Planner in Tool Factory Word Processor Format
  • Storybook Character JPG
  • Storybook Character in Tool Factory Word Processor Format
  • Storybook Setting JPG
  • Storybook Setting in Tool Factory Word Processor Format
  • Dialog Worksheet in Tool Factory Word Processor Format
  • Dialog Worksheet JPG
  • Podcast Chapter Planner - Word Doc
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