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Letter of the Day
Grade: K
Subject(s): None
Required products: Tool Factory Beep!
  • Tool Factory Beep! Word Robot
  • Chart paper with Morning Message or poem
  • Letter of the Day worksheets (A-D have been created for you)
  • Sample Word List (Letters A-D)
    This lesson is a simple way to introduce students to the letters of the alphabet. A new letter or group of letters can be taught as part of the morning message or separately through poetry or other short writings.
    Before the lesson...
    1. Copy a short poem or write the morning message of the day on a piece of chart paper. Make sure the poem/message includes a variety of words that contain the letter of the day.
    2. Create a Custom word list in Word Robot (You can use the Sample Word List to help you). Generate one syllable words that contain the letter of the day and some additional words that do NOT include the letter of the day. Make sure the letter of the day appears at the beginning, middle and end of a variety of words. If the letter of the day is a vowel, you may want to choose either the short or long vowel sound, depending on the level of your students.

    During the lesson…
    1. Begin the lesson by introducing the students to the letter of the day. Show the students what the letter looks like and how the letter is written. Have the students use their fingers to draw an imaginary letter in the air.
    2. Refer the students to the poem/message on chart paper. Read the poem/message aloud to the students.
    3. Remind the students about the letter of the day and have them look for the letter as you read aloud a second time.
    4. Allow individual students to come forward and highlight words that contain the letter of the day.
    5. Let the students look around the room to find additional words that include the letter of the day.
    Follow-up Activities
    Letter of the Day Worksheet
    o Review the directions for the Letter of the Day worksheet and have the students complete the worksheet.

    Word Robot
    o Have the students open Word Robot (make sure your custom list is on the screen).
    o Have students find the words that contain the letter of the day and drag them onto the grid.
    Downloadable Worksheets
    Mac users: To download, ctrl-click on the worksheet and choose "save link to disk"
  • Sample Word Lists
  • Letter A Worksheet
  • Letter B Worksheet
  • Letter C Worksheet
  • Letter D Worksheet
    Melinda Frydenlund
    Technology Specialist
    Burnt Mills ES
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