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On, Over and In!
Grade: K
Subject(s): Grammar
Required products: Tool Factory Beep!
  • Tool Factory Beep! Word Robot
  • A book about prepositions to read aloud.
  • Here’s one possibility: Behind the mask: A book about prepositions by Ruth Heller
  • Chart Paper and Markers/Chalkboard and Chalk
  • Pocket Chart
  • On, Over and In! Word Cards
  • On, Over and In! Picture Cards
  • On, Over and In! Worksheet
  • Overview
    In this lesson, the students will learn about prepositions. They will create sentences using prepositions and pictures to illustrate their sentences.
    Before the lesson...

    Make a list of prepositions on chart paper/chalkboard or use the prepositions from the On, Over In! word cards.

    Create a Custom list on Word Robot with the following words: (see beep! Tutorial for directions on creating custom word lists.)

    in, on, over, around
    under, the, dog, boy
    tree, is, house, flower
    bee, bird

    During the lesson…

    1. Begin the lesson with a read aloud of a book about prepositions. As you read, make sure to point out which words are the prepositions and what that word means. It may be helpful to select students to ‘act out’ each preposition.

    2. When you have finished reading, review the list of prepositions and their meanings.

    3. Use the On, Over and In! word cards and picture cards to create ‘scenarios’ for the students to describe. For example, place the plane over the house and ask the students to describe its position. Then, use the word cards to create a sentence that describes the scenario (The plane is over the house).

    4. After the students have described all of the possible scenarios, create sentences using prepositions and have the students manipulate the picture cards to illustrate the sentence.
    Follow-up Activities
    On, Over and In! Worksheet
    Review the directions for the On, Over and In! worksheet and have students complete the worksheet.

    Word Robot
    Have the students open Word Robot (make sure your custom ‘preposition’ list is on the screen).
    Have students create sentences using the prepositions they have learned.
    Print the students’ favorite sentence (Ctrl +p) and have them illustrate the sentence.
    Downloadable Worksheets
    Mac users: To download, ctrl-click on the worksheet and choose "save link to disk"
  • On, Over and In! Word Cards
  • On, Over and In! Picture Cards
  • On, Over and In! Worksheet
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    Melinda Frydenlund
    Technology Specialist
    Burnt Mills ES, Silver Spring, MD
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