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Same or Different?
Grade: K
Subject(s): None
Required products: Tool Factory Beep!
  • Tool Factory Beep! Odd One Out
  • Same or Different? Worksheet
  • Same or Different? Character Cards
  • Color Me Different Worksheets
  • Overview
    In this lesson, students will observe the physical attributes of a set of objects/characters and identify the object that is different from the others. This lesson can be conducted either whole-class or with a small group.
    1. Gather a group of students in a circle on the floor (either whole-class or small group) or in front of a pocket chart.

    2. Display or write the word DIFFERENT and ask the students to explain what the word means. Next, display or write the word SAME and ask the students to explain what the word means.

    3. Display a pair of identical character cards and have the students decide if they are the same or different. Ask them to describe some of the physical attributes of the characters on the cards (type of animal, coloring, unusual features, etc.)

    4. Next, place a third, different, character card next to the others and again ask the students if it is the same as or different from the original two cards. Again, ask the students to describe the physical attributes that make the character different.

    5. Continue the activity with varying sets of character cards. Each time, ask the students to identify which card is different from the others and to explain why that card is different.

    Note: There are three possible follow-up activities for this mini-lesson on same or different. Depending on your group size and/or computer access, you may need to rotate the students through ‘centers’ to complete each activity.

    Card Sort
    Give the students sets of character cards. Have students work independently or with partners to sort the cards by character and determine which cards are different from the others.

    Beep! Odd One Out
    Have the students use Tool Factory Beep! Odd One Out to find which character is different from the others.

    Same or Different? Worksheet
    Have the students complete a Same or Different? worksheet.

    Follow-up Activities
    The character cards can be used to play games of concentration (‘different’ cards would need to be removed ahead of time).

    Color Me Different Worksheets
    Students can use differences in color, patterns or just about anything to make one character different from the other. This activity can also be paired with a short writing activity in which students describe how their characters are different.
    Cross-Curriculum Ideas
    This lesson could also be conducted using geo- or pattern blocks. Students can identify differences in color, size, and shape.
    Downloadable Worksheets
    Mac users: To download, ctrl-click on the worksheet and choose "save link to disk"
  • Same or Different Worksheet
  • Color Me Different
  • Same or Different Character Cards
  • Same or Different Cards
  • Color Me Different
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    Melinda Frydenlund
    Technology Specialist
    Burnt Mills ES, Silver Spring, MD
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