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Learn Keyboarding!
Grade: K-12
Subject(s): Word Processing
Required products: Tool Factory Keyboarding Adventure
  • Tool Factory Keyboarding Adventure
  • Worksheet Station
  • PC's or laptops for each student
    Students learn to keyboard accurately and effectively, using Tool Factory Keyboarding Adventure, as well as the resources available on Worksheet Station.
    Students will work with Tool Factory Keyboarding Adventure for a period of 30 minutes per day. Each of these sessions will provide enough time for a section of a lesson to be completed. Using Tool Factory Keyboarding Adventure’s built-in intuitive learning approach, the students will be touch-typing in no time!

    First, access the keyboarding section of WorksheetStation.com and browse the resources. Print a copy of the Adventure Map for each student. Students will color the map to indicate their progress through the adventure.

    The students will begin with the introduction exercise in Tool Factory Keyboarding Adventure. This will give them key information regarding posture and keyboard layout. This only takes a few minutes, so the first lesson will also be done in this session.

    These are the lessons in Tool Factory Keyboarding and the keystrokes that each lesson covers.
    1. asdf
    2. jkl;
    3. hei
    4. LJKHI
    5. trno
    6. NO
    7. cuDETASFCU
    8. vwVWR
    9. ,gG
    10. xXpP

    After Lesson 10, students will log into Worksheet Station and navigate to the keyboarding section. Once here, students will print out the progress certificate, indicating their name, WPM, and accuracy at this point in the keyboarding program. This will serve as both a progress benchmark, as well as a motivator to the students.

    11. qQmM?
    12. YYzZbB
    13. 12
    14. 345
    15. 67
    16. 890

    After lesson 16, students will print out another progress certificate from Worksheet Station, displaying progress made through this point.

    17. Building Accuracy
    18. Building Speed
    19. Building Speed
    20. Building Accuracy

    At this point, the students have finished work on the Tool Factory Keyboarding Adventure "Learning the Keys" lesson. They can use the other available lessons to develop speed and accuracy, as well as to learn symbols and other characters. Before this, however, they can utilize a few more resources on Worksheet Station.

    21. Worksheet Station self-timed exams
    There are a total of 10 self-timed typing exams of increasing difficulty posted on Worksheet Station. Students should pick one, time themselves, and use this to gauge their typing speed in use when typing a realistic document.

    22. Worksheet Station certificate
    At this point, students should use their speed from the final self-timed exam, or from the final lesson of Tool Factory Keyboarding Adventure to fill out a Certificate of Progress. Students and parents will be amazed at the progress made in just a few easy lessons!
    Follow-up Activities
    Take the self-timed exams on Worksheet Station every once in a while to test speed. If certain letters or areas prove difficult, revisit those lessons in Tool Factory Keyboarding Adventure
    Downloadable Worksheets
    Mac users: To download, ctrl-click on the worksheet and choose "save link to disk"
  • Color the Keyboard!
  • Adventure Map
  • Self Timed Typing Test 1
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